Company information

Promat is a part of Etex, a Belgian industrial group manufacturing and marketing high –quality building materials and insulation systems for different kind of applications.

For more than 50 years, Promat structural fire protection has stood for safety technology in order to secure lives, values and material assets. Products and systems are used for passive fire protection in building, marine, oil & gas, tunnel applications and for the effective insulation. A highly qualified team of experts develops new products, new generation of existing products and improves the quality of products manufactured in different factories around the world for the leader-ship in Fire Protection and High Performance Insulation markets.

Main application offered by Promat:

  • Fire protection of structural steel;
  • Fire protection of wooden structures;
  • Independently-classified suspended ceilings;
  • Trapezoidal steel sheet ceilings and roofs;
  • Solid ceilings;
  • Fire protection of wall structures;
  • Expansion joints;
  • Inspection openings;
  • Protection of ventilation ducts and smoke extraction lines;
  • Electrical cable ducts;
  • Fire stopping;
  • Glazing