Fire protection of wooden structures


  • High stability and smooth surface
  • Possibility to finish with paint, wallpapers or tiles

Fire protection of wooden structures

Promat offers a wide range of officially tested solutions for the special fire protection problems which arise in the case of wooden constructions, also those which occur during the modernisation and reconstruction of old buildings. Timber framed walls, Wooden post and beam walls which have up to 90 minutes fire resistance with PROMATECT® are officially certified for both load-bearing and non-loadbearing versions.

Load-bearing timber frames

Girders and columns made of wood attain fire resistance classes of up to 90 minutes with linings made of PROMATECT fire protection boards.

Timber frame ceilings

Wooden beam ceilings with linings made from PROMATECT fire protection boards attain high fire resistance times with low board thicknesses. Cement-bound PROMATECT-H boards have proved especially advantageous for linings due to their high stability and low weight.

Timber rafter roofs

PROMATECT linings as lightweight and economic solutions are also ideal for wooden beam roofs exposed to fire from the underside of the roof. The strutures can be used for flat roofs or roofos with all angles of inclination.

wooden structures

Load bearing timber constructions

Fire resistance PROMATECT type & thickness Construction Classification Report Classification Test method
+20 min PROMATECT®-H 10 mm
EN 13501-2+A1:2010
EN 1365-4
+26 min PROMATECT®-H 15 mm
+36 min PROMATECT®-H 20 mm
+52 min PROMATECT®-H 25 mm
+53 min PROMATECT®-L 20 mm
+64 min PROMATECT®-H 30 mm
+81 min PROMATECT®-L 30 mm
+82 min PROMATECT®-H 15+20 mm
+96 min PROMATECT®-H 2x20 mm
+114 min PROMATECT®-L 2x20 mm