Trapezoidal Steel Sheet Ceilings


  • Lining has excellent space saving dimensional profile
  • Direct lining without substructure
  • Low fitted height, low weight without loss of strength
  • Excellent performance when exposed to fire from above and below

Trapezoidal Steel Sheet Ceilings

In industrial workshops and buildings erected using prefabricated elements, trapezoidal steel sheet sections are often used for floors and roofs. This material is not very thick and heats quickly. In the event of most fire scenarios, trapezoidal steel sheeting tends to fail in just a few minutes.

Many roof structures are susceptible to rapid failure, making it extremely difficult if not impossible for fire and emergency services personnel to enter the building to establish effective firefighting action. Promat fire science technologies are proven to be effective firefighting strategies.

Trapezoidal steel sheet roofs

Trapezoidal steel sheet roofs are the upper space-enclosing elements of a building. That is why they must prevent the spread of fire to neighbouring buildings or to other fire compartments and meet fire protection requirements. The type and thickness of the PROMATECT® linings are determined by the required fire resistance classes and the building materials used for the roof. Trapezoidal steel sheet roofs can be equiped to fire from above and below when using the appropriate PROMATECT® upper lining.

Trapezoidal steel sheet floors

Trapezoidal steel sheet sections can be as a permanent formwork for concrete floors and also assume a load-bearing function in the service situation. To maintain their load-bearing capability in a fire situation, PROMATECT® linings can be attached to the floor directly or used in a suspended form.