Linear Joints and Gaps


  • Fast and even foaming
  • Predictable, consistent and constant foaming behaviour

Linear Joints and Gaps

Component joints and settlement joints must be provided in every large building structure. In order to avoid extreme crack formation and structural deformation, these joints absorb building and structural expansion and contraction. Good examples are the movement of concrete through temperature fluctuation, uneven settlement of building foundations, increased loads and structural movement resulting from vibration or as a consequence of shrinkage of the concrete. Scheduled deformations are absorbed by sliding joints and deformation bearings. These require protection against the effects of fire.

Component joints

The Promat PROMASEAL® product range is excellently suited to the sealing of joints in building, civil engineering and in the construction of prefabricated parts, in lightweight walls, for connection between wall and ceiling, as well as to seal off pipe holes in domestic, heating and sanitary engineering.

Sliding and deformation bearings

The elastomere or neoprene sliding bearings required in numerous building constructions must remain fully functioning also in the event of fire. PROMATECT® linings can be produced in the necessary structure which takes account of the temperature sensitivity of the plastics used.

It is possible to take account of shifts in the settlement joints through corresponding individual modifications.