Microtherm is a specialist in high performance insulation (HPI), a technically advanced system of insulation that relies on nanotechnology and other micro space saving techniques.

Usually very thin and flexible when compared to conventional systems, Microtherm systems provide exceptional heat and cold insulation over a very wide temperature range. Microtherm’s products therefore present a strong competitive advantage in a large number of applications such as vacuum insulated panels (VIP), fuel cells, furnaces and storage heaters.
Microtherm has offices in Belgium, Japan and USA. It employs more than 200 people and manufactures a broad range of products, frequently offering customers all the advantages of tailor made solutions.

The acquisition of Microtherm supports the strategy to invest in value-added technologies, particularly in the field of energy saving operations. Microtherm’s microporous technology and, in particular, its proprietary vacuum insulated panels create new opportunities for building and process insulation.