Mantelpiece for your fire place


  • Safe and reliable
  • Aesthetics and comfort
  • Mechanical strength and solidity
  • Quick and easy installation

Mantelpiece for your fire place

A fire or stove represents an important added value to your house. Not only does it create a good atmosphere and a lot of cosiness, it also happens to be an excellent choice with regard to rational energy consumption.

1. PROMAFOUR® construction boards
are noncombustible, high temperature resistant, calcium silicate and cement based boards which can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. PROMAFOUR® construction boards are solid large sized boards with excellent mechanical strength. Their large dimensions, 1250 mm (W) x 2500/3000 mm (L), enable a quick and simple installation. They are available in thicknesses of 12 mm,15 mm, and 18 mm.

are noncombustible, cut-to-size profiles, which are made of the same material as PROMAFOUR® construction boards.
PROMAFOUR®-STUDS are available in two standard sizes: 48 x 3000 x 18 mm and 69 x 3000 x 18 mm. Studs in other sizes are available on request.

3. PROMASIL®-1000L insulation boards
are lightweight, large sized, refractory calcium silicate boards with excellent insulation properties which can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. Their homogeneous, stable, calcium silicate structure guarantees exceptional thermal and mechanical properties.
PROMASIL®-1000L boards are available in 1200 x 2500 mm and thicknesses of 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm. In order to prevent overheating and/or ignition of the rear wall due to prolonged and frequent heating, and to minimise possible heat loss from
the back of your fire/stove, we advise you to insulate the rear wall to protect it against the heat emitted by your appliance at all times.

are flexible, high temperature resistant insulation blankets, based on alkaline earth fibres (high temperature glass fibres), which are bonded mechanically by needle felting without the addition of any bonding agents. They are noncombustible and can resist
temperatures up to 1000 °C. Thanks to their high flexibility, these insulation blankets can easily be used to “wrap up” smoke evacuation ducts. PROMAFOUR®-HTI 1100 insulation blankets are manufactured in 610 x 7320 x 25.4 mm and 610 x 14640 x 12.7 mm rolls with a density of 96 kg/m³ or 128 kg/m3.

is a refractory silicate based glue, which resists temperatures up to 1000 °C. PROMAFOUR®-GLUE 1000 adheres very well to all materials and can be used to glue PROMAFOUR® construction boards and PROMASIL®-1000L insulation boards, as well
as PROMAFOUR®-HTI 1100 insulation blankets. PROMAFOUR®-GLUE 1000 is available in 310 ml cartridges and 1.5 kg and 15 kg buckets.

is a high temperature resistant filler, which is based on a mixture of clay and an inorganic bonding agent. It can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. PROMAFOUR®-HT JOINTFILLER has been developed especially to fill in any residual gaps around PROMAFOUR® construction boards. PROMAFOUR®-HT JOINTFILLER is available in 500 g cartridges and 1.5 kg buckets.

is a noncombustible and vapour permeable primer, based on liquid calcium silicates and a controlled amount of organic additives.
PROMAFOUR®-PRIMER is available in 3 l containers.

Safe & reliable

PROMAFOUR construction boards are non-combustible and continuously resist to very high temperatures up to 1000°C. They don’t contain any bonding agent, which could emit an irritating odour or affect the cohesion of the board in a negative way.

Aesthetics and comfort

PROMAFOUR construction boards have a naturally smooth surface which is ideal for painting without additional plastering. Thanks to minimal expansion and contraction during and after heating, the risk of cracks, microscopic fissures or deformation is reduced to an absolute minimum.

By insulating your fireplace floor and rear wall with PROMASIL-1000L board, the loss of heat is reduced to bare minimum. Thanks to the high storage thermal capacity of PROMAFOUR construction boards, the emitted heat is distributed in your living room. Your fireplace will emit heat even after the fire is extinguished.

Mechanical strength and solidity

PROMAFOUR construction boards are composed of calcium silicate and cement. This results in very strong walls, even with minimal thicknesses of 12mm, 15mm or 18mm. Also heavier objects can be attached to the wall without additional strengthening.

Quick and easy installation

PROMAFOUR construction boards can be easily cut with traditional woodworking equipment and installed using standard screws, staples and refractory PROMAFOUR-GLUE 1000.

View our video on YouTube: PROMAFOUR video (EN)