SASREF - Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia - Jubial Industrial City
  • cable tray protection from Hydrocarbon fires

Saudia Arabia - Jubial Industrial City

After having a successful track record of supplying Cafco Fendolite MII for mega projects in Saudi Arabia, Promat Middle East Oil & Gas Segment has recently secured a prestigious order to supply PROMATECT®-H to Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery (SASREF) located in Jubial Industrial City, KSA.

SASREF is a joint venture between SAUDI ARAMCO of Saudi Arabia and SHELL of U.S; SASREF Company has been operating the oil refinery in Jubail for the last 25 years. It was one of the most modern refineries in the world with a refining capacity of more than 300,000 b/d.

Promat Middle East (PME) has successfully secured and supplied PROMATECT®-H boards for Cable tray encasement to SASREF. The specification requirement is to protect cables from 1 hour hydrocarbon fire, product must be resistant to moisture, chemicals & dust, and should not release toxic smoke & gases during fire. A tested solution of two layers of 25mm thick PROMATECT®-H board which meets the client requirement is specified.

PROMATECT®-H is a non-combustible Matrix Engineered Mineral Board reinforced with selected fibres and fillers. It is a multi-purpose board used in different applications like structural steel, ceilings, floors, partitions, ventilation & smoke extractions ducts, electrical & mechanical service enclosures, tunnel fire protection, concrete upgrading, smoke barriers, access panels and hatches.