Promat considers Supply Chain activities as important contributors in the Value Chain. The key objective is a 100% fulfillment of our standard sales level agreements and for our specific commitments to Customers. 

To achieve this objective strong focus has be put on the following aspects: 
  • A First Class management of stock availability, scheduling and lead times
  • In depth collaboration with hauliers and forwarders to provide adequate service (delivery time and unloading features),
  • An efficient internal communication system with Sales service departments, production and workshops,
  • A deliberate choice for speed, including a short transit time through truck loading docks
  • A 0 default policy, in particular for loading activities (errors) and handling activities (damages), and on line measurement of service level performances

The ability to adapt to a wide variety of customer requirements

  • Deliveries from 250 gr to 24 tons (parcels, groupage, full trucks, air and sea freight)
  • Lead times from a few hours up to a one year scheduling (big projects like tunnels)
  • Good values from a few cents to a 1000 € a piece
  • From resistant products like high density boards to very fragile material (i.e. micro porous)

Promat SC resources

  • A worldwide SAP platform that allows customer requirements being known in all of the relevant locations (suppliers, production sites, storage locations, workshops) 
  • A worldwide distribution system that makes products to be available everywhere with short lead times
  • A high level integrated Supply chain team coordinated worldwide

Key data of the Promat SC

  • 14 production sites
  • 100 storage locations
  • 10 dedicated workshops
  • 150 trucks a day
  • 2000 sales orders a month
  • 150 distributors